Step-by-step guide
We are really happy that you've decided to participate in our hackathon! Here we've prepared some useful information for you.

Let's hack it! :)

1. First step we need to decide on topics and to find a team for you.

For inspiration: here you can find trill board with ideas for slack chatbots (click on the items) :
(thanks to Paige Paquette :))
Today's Bot Ideas

1.HONGi bot - Seva
2. Event bot Vienna
3. iOT bot - Carina
4. Event Concerts - Andreas
5. Toni Bot - Klemens, Slack
6. Travel Bot - Aaron
7. Insult Bot - Aaron
8. Wave app - Partik
9. Programming skills bot
10. Business case studies - Fjodor
11. Language skills bot
12. Happiness bot
13. Meeting Room booking - Tobias
14. Startup Live bot - Georg
15. Education Bot - Pete
16. Translate bot - Timar
2. Depends on your level and interest we've prepared some guides for creating chatbots. Here some general information about chatbots:

Popular examples of bots

  • Poncho - Poncho delivers customizable weather forecasts daily via email and text message, helping you plan everything from your commute to your outfit. It's free!
  • Swelly - Bot to provide the fastest way of asking questions and getting opinions by friends!
  • Instalocate - Instalocate is a real-time flight tracking bot. You can get flight status, delay alerts, arrival, departure, and gate information
  • Kayak - The bot lets users find flights and hotels using conversational language rather than the old-school method of plugging in dates and sifting through hundreds of results
  • TheScore - theScore brings you real-time sports scores and news from the teams you care about, with deep coverage of MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL and major soccer leagues!
  • Foxsy - Foxsy is your personal matchmaking assistant to find a beautiful and meaningful connection with the right person. And, Foxsy is the first and the best matchmaking Chatbot in the world
  • PayPal - With PayPal bot you can pay your friends and teammates on Slack and on your preferred device
  • Skyscanner - Skyscanner bot for Skype is a passenger flight search engine that allows users to browse for flights via price and location
  • Visabot - Visabot for Facebook Messenger is an immigration attorney 2.0 Inspired by U.S. top immigration lawyers to deliver the results no lawyer can match
  • Hipmunk - Hipmunk chatbot for Facebook Messenger is a super-powered Hipmunk who digs through tons of travel options to help you find the best flights and hotels
  • Mica, the Hipster Cat Bot - Mica, the Hipster Cat Bot is a venue recommendation bot that helps you discover the best places worldwide - on FB Messenger, Skype, Kik, Telegram
Directories (lists)

Developing chatbots (without coding):

* Chatfuel

* Motion
If you need more information:
3. Demo of your chatbot (please no slides, just explain what have you done and your key insights/learnings from your experience.
4. Demo Competition Criteria Catalog

- Concept (over Code)
- Problem solving
- Sustainability
- Thematic Scalability
- Market
- (Dialog) UX
- Fun Factor
- Satisfaction
- Good Notification Strategy: Unsubscribe...
- Conversationability
- User Numbers (if already live)
Our prices for the Hackathon
The Winners!

1st place (ex-aequo)
- Tiny Care (2 pio tickets + alexa) - Carina & Tanya
- TheWave (1 pio ticket + alexa) - Patrik

2nd place (ex-aequo)
- Vienna tourist botframework (poncho + sektor5)
- Schnitzel bot (poncho + sektor5) - Rene

3rd place (ex-aequo)
- Insult bot (forbes)
- Casy Bot (forbes)

4th place
- JoyfulCarol (Alexa + Microsoft)